Lig x co-incidence

With the focus to create beautiful and functional products by the 2 illustrators, Lig creates the illustrated goods charmingly applied on textiles design and houseware. Base in Bangkok, we connect designers/artists with manufacturers where the products aim to represent the collaborative process of practices and how art can be a part of your everyday life in various forms.

Co-incidence is also a coming together of ideas that intrigues characteristic lifestyle products for everyday use with a stripped down graphic feel. The studio always leads and enhances on a better and practical ideas at the same time, harmonizing design and functions into every single object you will love.

Under the same belief and philosophy, together, co-incidence and Lig are collaborating to create functional home use products that are not only charming with well thought design, but also reinforce hidden local talents to be seen by the world.

‘Let’s play… HIDE AND SEEK’

Inspired by the game of hide and seek, conveying through the designed patterns, representing the life we flourish to those objects, interconnecting elements to one another of the furnitures and the décor to be explored and discovered.

At the first glance you may not find them but as you spend more time with the objects, you will discover the hidden characters within.

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